Monday, July 28, 2008

Young Malay Movement in Perak


It comes to my knowledge that in Perak there have been numerous meeting and gathering of all Malays Non Government Organizations and Malays Youth Societies in Perak. Their agenda is Malay Legacy and Supremacy. I wonder what is the purpose of these meetings really. Does it for the benefit of all Malays or simply because for the benefit of losing Malay Party. Very subjective and open to so many interpretations. Yet I dare not discuss the issue in detail in this blog, one might wrongly think that I am being racist!

On the other hand, It is good to have these young Malays contributing active role in society or organization. For me, Perak has been long sleeping since before the Barisan Nasional lost at the last general election. Now, it seems everybody is awakening! Perak is peaceful state, with Ipoh of its capital city. Ipoh is a moderate town with 'very few people' in charge, once you get involve in active society or organization you will get to know everybody. I was once a club President in Ipoh, that was the time when everything is still in 'peace' (politically, of cause). Anyway, I wish all the best for new comers and 'social-movers' in Perak, just your mind straight on what your group want and fight for it. Remember, if you want somebody to listen to you, you must first ready to lend your ear. Rule number two: in society environment, you will going to get everything you want (even if you are the President) so learn to be satisfy with what your group slowly achieved.



Ex-President of IPTA/IPTS Club, State Youth Council, Perak.

p/s for old colleague of the club who are still active in current society (whatever the flag is), keep up your good work. I really respect you commitment and dedication in social movement. Go Go Chi yo!


  1. Hello Mr. Kamarul,
    I would like to know is there any law regarding on owning a paintball marker for paintball sport, because I want to buy one and many of my friends suggesting that I have to check wether it is legal or not.

  2. well, i play paintball a lot too...but sad i have yet to obtain any license..i guest all my friends also don't have...

    having to own a paintball 'marker' is my law is illegal coz it's governed under exact definition of firm arm article..

    anyway, what i heard such a permit to own one could be obtain from the paintball association..

    good luck...hope one day we play together