Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Debate: Anwar vs Shabery


hmmm...almost everyone saw and talk about the debate yesterday night (15-7-2008). The topic: (if I may translate) 'Today forming government, tomorrow oil price reduce'.

For me, being trying not to touch any political point of view, there is nothing much to discuss here. Frankly, I am quite disappointed with the debate, I was hoping more on both sides strategy (perhaps trying to out win the other with their strategy) how to tackle the oil price problem. I can see one party delivering his strategy though seem to be too simple but I fail to recap the opponent's strategy.

As this blog is not meant to be pure political discussion forum I refrain myself to write the details of the debate, my dear reader going to find it elsewhere.

But rather, what I want to comment here is;

  • as the citizen of Malaysia, we have all the rights to know what is the government's strategy to overcome this oil price issue, because they are in power to shape and change our life.
  • for me is simple, you cannot take 'cutting oil subsidy' as your only strategy, that is not proactive strategy but rather submiting to the problem.
  • we need to know what other immediate and effective strategy to reduce the oil price.
well, the debate....fails to address this core issue.

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