Monday, July 28, 2008

New Political Development in Malaysia

I have posted my view on Malaysia current political situation last week. That however does not taking into consideration of the latest political development which occur these few days, where the UMNO president disclose his secret meeting with PAS (another political party largely comprised of Malay and having Islam as its main agenda). These is not new, when one of the state in Peninsular Malaysia falls into 'Pakatan Rakyat' (the opposition coalition), I have heard rumors saying that Perak Mufti (Muslim Highest Officer, advising Sultan and the Palace) met PAS leaders (motivated by UMNO) to discussion on whether the PAS willing to corporate with UMNO in setting up the new government. I also heard that the Mufti managed to convince PAS national top leaders except state level leaders, and that is why the proposal did not come through.


Now, we hear it again, but this time from the UMNO president wanting to set up another meeting with PAS (it was known later that there has been 2 meetings before). My conclusion is; I suppose such meetings were and is intended not to be made public but somehow (and as usual) the secret burst in the air! Secondly, well do UMNO look desperate try to seek PAS help in confronting Anwar's agenda? UMNO was quite 'comfortable' before without wanting at all to discuss or set a meeting with PAS (at least not during Mahathir's time). Thirdly, what would be both coalition parties member said? Be it from Barisan Nasional (UMNO, MCA, MIC and others) or Pakatan Rakyat (PKR, DAP and PAS) I seriously think somehow such propose 3rd meeting will cast doubt among them. Today we heard DAP start making 'unsatisfactory' statement in local media asking Pakatan Rakyat to review PAS membership. I am not surprise. On the other hand, we see BN component leaders are trying to give nod for the meeting, why? Simple, the reason is the meeting will (if successful) strengthen UMNO being the largest member of BN and as for other BN members it will benefit BN. Yes, I doubt the BN party component will agree on PAS idealism but as for now the unity of Malay is much more important.

Now, what will Anwar's next move? Just wait and see. My wild guest is PKR will make sure PAS does not fall into 'UMNO-PAS Corporation'. Remember my last comment on the political scenario in Malaysia benefiting PKR? This time PKR might want to be careful because their golden opportunity is quickly passing by.


Kamarul Irzuan

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