Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Updating Blog & Email Question

Hi all!,

It has been quite awhile since my last update this blog, I am very sorry. Not that I lost interest to update this blog and share knowledge with all of my beloved readers, it just that time is very envy on me. However, the good news is that despite all the works, I still manage to answer some of personal email sent to me in private. For those who are being loyal to this blog and who have sent me your emails, I thank you for your support.

Ya, I know I repeatedly mentioned that I am a bit reluctant to accept private emails, on the reason that if it is answered on blog everybody else can share. But I guess my failure to update this blog may be compensated by replying to your emails.


So, for those who are unable to find any article in this blog that may help to settle your problem, you may email to me at ki_my@hotmail.com 0R kirzuan@gmail.com

Please only genuine problem, not for student doing assignment J


Thank you again for your support!

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