Monday, July 19, 2010

Amendment of the Subordinate Courts Act

Recent amendment on Subordinate Court Act among all increase monetary limit of Magistrate courts from RM25, 000-00 to RM100, 000-00; Session Courts from RM250, 000-00 to RM1, 000, 000-00! I personally think it is a good amendment but the Bar seems not very happy with it, they think that a proper and more comprehensive study should be conducted first before the any amendment made, I could not differ on that. May be the government should consider the Bar's opinion, after all it's the lawyers who are dealing with the act every dayJ.

For those who don't understand what is monetary jurisdiction/limit is all about; it means (in simple) that now under the amendment the magistrate court may deal with cases or disputes or awarding damages up to RM100, 000-00 (compare to before only RM25, 000-00), and so for the session court which upgraded to RM1, 000, 000-00.

What do you think?



  1. hye irzuan,i am azlan,who is at present reading law in UUM,Sintok.. I wish to inquire about the link that i might have click on in order to get hold on the full report with regard to the court jurisdictional amendment.

    thank you

  2. Salam. The propose amendment is still under few process and yet come into enforce.

  3. Could you by any chance suggest any website that may have the full lowdown of this matter?



  4. salam. i don't know about appeal from the subordinate courts.. can u help me?

  5. salam, sorry for the late reply. appeal from subordinate court is an appeal that come from Magistrate Court & Session Court. then, must file Notice of Appeal within 14 days from the date of the decision with prescribed fee at the subordinate court.