Monday, August 4, 2008

Email Questions


I am very grateful for your support. From the very beginning of this blog I received a lot of email question from the readers. Some are 'legally' oriented and some I guest more on personal matter. I will try my very best to answer these question in timely manner. However, those that I do not answer the question, I am very sorry perhaps some other forum is more appropriate to discuss your matter.

On the other hand, my answers are in general due to limited brief of a particular case and time of legal research done. My weakness, I admit. Should you require more detail consultation you may set up a proper appointment with at


Kamarul Irzuan


  1. Hi,

    I would like to seek your opinion regarding a dispute between an individual and a telco service provider amounting to a sum of about RM4k. Basically, the service provider is charging for supposedly phone calls that were made when the individual was abroad. There were 3 calls made which lasted for more than an hour each time and costing more than RM1k per call. The individual is disputing these calls. Notwithstanding, the various complaints made to the service provider to investigate the matter they have proceeded to hire 3rd party debt collector to harass the individual and threaten legal action. In this case, should the individual go to the small claims court or the tribunal and how much should the claim be?

  2. In this type of situation, Suruhanjaya Komunikasi is a proper forum for your friend to seek remedy from.

    This is simple because the have more authority as well as expertise in dealing this matter as oppose to court which is subjected to the tedious and lengthy procedure.

    Khairul Aiman
    Messrs Irzuan