Wednesday, November 5, 2008

legal question on transfering of property

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Dear Mr Kamarul Irzuan,

Sorry to email you in such a inappropriate timing, but I don't know where else i can seek for legal help. My parents and my sister used to own a small business, but since they are not having any business for these few recent years, so my dad decide to shut the company down. But, my dad felt shock knowing that my mum had caveat the property. So, both my mom and my dad decided to have their own lawyer to settle this problem, but both the lawyers has different word and opinions which make myself quite blur.

Thing has been dragged for at least half a year, I wish to settle this matter as soon as possible within my capability. So, I will have a few questions that I would like to ask, hoping that I can get a rough picture of how it works:

1) Is that the person who caveat the property has the only right to remove the caveat by signing the "Removal of Caveat" Form? OR, any two directors of the company can have it done by supplying a signed "Company Resolution"(without "Removal of Caveat" Form)?

2) What is the purpose/usage of "Company Resolution"?

3) As I know, if want to transfer a caveat property, the person will need:

a) Transfer Form (Form 14A?).

b) Company Resolution.

c) Nominee Letter provided by the law firm.

d) "Removal of caveat" Form

Do I miss something else? Is there any website that can provide free legal consultation? Hope to hear from you.

Thanks in advance. Have a nice day to you.


I will answer these question on my next post very soon....

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