Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Malaysian Court of Appeal rules: Freedom of Speech is Not ABSOLUTE.

In year 2009, MP YB Karpal Singh held a press conference in responded to the Perak Political crisis and regarding the conduct of His Highness Perak Sultan Azlan Shah.

2.       YB Karpal was then charged under under section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act carries a maximum RM5,000 fine or three years' jail, or both if convicted at High Court.

3.       The High Court ruled against the prosecution, discharged and without calling for defense.

4.       The prosecution appealed to Court of Appeal.

5.       The Court of Appeal reversed the High court’s decision and rule that Karpal at the press conference had repeatedly uttered words that clearly meant that the Sultan of Perak had broken the law, did not follow the law and did not respect the law.

6.       The Judges further ruled “in considering whether the words of the respondent (Karpal) were seditious or not, the views of witnesses who heard them are not determining factor and in actual fact, are not relevant”.

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