Monday, August 9, 2010

Re: [Legal in Malaysia] New comment on Got a Bounced Cheque?


I guest you have read my article and by now you already got some basic idea of your rights to reclaim your money. 

As I mentioned in the article, dishonour ed cheque per se may be a good cause of action and evidence to establish your claim in court of law. 

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i am a foreigner in of my country man has given me a cheque instead of money received by according his statements his account has not sufficient money.i would like to know how much a cheque is powerful?or i need to recourse other way?
thank you

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  1. Hi! thanks for posting this information because I learned the pros and cons of being a foreigner in Malaysia and how to handle money. I hope that there would be more policies and procedures you can share in this website so everyone will be informed, especially those who happen to love Malaysia and preferred to stay in your country.