Monday, April 20, 2009

When our generousity taken for granted...

Do you think I should help people settling their problem? Do you think I should spend time for matter for sure not being paid? Do you think I should help student in understanding more on practical aspect of law?

Normally, I don't really too calculative on helping people and always try to be generous on my time for them...but lately I admit, I am a bit reluctant to help answering students' question in this blog..perhaps I think they are just looking for easy answer in doing their home work. But then one of my friend told me that knowledge does not belong to me to keep, so I need to 'preach' whatever knowledge I got..he further said, look at great people like Ibnu Sinna who was teaching the whole of his lifetime knowledge on medicine without a single penny of payment..look at how he had became so famous until today...and God bless him..

But I am nothing compare to these great people of the past, I am just an ordinary lawyer trying to make a living and at the same time try by very best to help people...bottom line, i am still a weak human being who are depending on 'monetory advantage'.

Still, I accept his advice..and from now on I will try to help answering any question even from STUDENT.....

Most of my time now, i help people, generously spend time without even charging a single penny. some are friends and some are strangers, referred to by friends..i don't really mind to do that. I believe God always rewards me in some other way. I hope.

but when my deed are not appreciated and even taken for granted by the people we help, someyime i felt frustrated...they would at least say thank you...don't you agree? But then again, may God accept my sincere heart...and i should not complain!

Lately, I am a little bit of 'busy' venturing into 'blue ocean'..may God bless my effort and generous on me..

my latest project is trying to cooperate with MATRDE to export my legal service to China..wish me luck..

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