Friday, December 5, 2008

Email Question: Non Muslim Divorce Matter in Malaysia

Dear Sir,

I'm (deleted) and I'm writing to you on behalf of my friend. I did write to you on the 17th of November 2008 but I did not get any reply from your side sir, I really need your opinion on this matter.

My friend is 28 years old and he got married in 2nd December 2006 at the age of 26 and after few months the couple separated as they didn't want to live together as they could not get along. This marriage is not based on love but was an arranged marriage and my friend got married just for the sake of his parent's wishes to see their son get married and have grandchildren. He respected their wish and married the girl which was chosen for him. But after getting married the couple could not live a happy life like an ordinary couple as there was no love or any feelings between them and they lived on same house but like strangers. But after few months and they decided to go on separate ways and this was agreed by the both party. Then my friend went to seek an advocate's advice and to file for divorce but was informed that it only could be done after 2 years of marriage. The couples are legally married and have a marriage certificate.

I would know what are the procedures in order for my friend to file for divorce and the steps that he need to take in this matter and how long will it take to settle this matter. Furthermore, the marriage going to be 2 years by next month. Both parties are willing to co-operate to settle this matter in quick period of time. Besides than that I would like to know how long will it take for him to marry for the second time (to marry another woman). He would like to proceed this matter fast and move on with his life.

Thanking you in advance sir and will wait to hear from you sir.

Good day!!

Yours faithfully,


  1. First of all I am sorry for the delay.
  2. Second, from the brief I understand that the couple had already seek some advise (if not for proper conduct of the case)
  3. So, I am a bit reluctant to give detail advice on its procedure and papers need to be filed in court, it is not very ethical for a lawyer to advise another lawyer's client. Especially when that lawyer's client want to 'window shopping' for advise and start 'Do it yourself (DIY) procedure' know what I mean.
  4. Nonetheless, I believe I have written and comment a lot on the issue on my last post. You may ask your friend to refer the post at this link:
  5. Further, briefly in this situation I would advise a joint divorce petition, to save time and cost.


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  2. how long does a divorce take if one is a us citizen and the other is a Malaysian woman. Married 5 years no children both work but he lives in Scotland and she lives in Malaysia. He found her meeting men and on the internet. He is not mad just wants out