Sunday, June 29, 2008

Email Question: Tenancy, how to chase out 'illegal tenant'

Salam KI,
I'm (name deleted), cool blog you have!...

I have a problem regarding my condo which I authorised a real estate agent to find tenant and do all the necessary rental arrangement.

The agent finally found a potential tenant, an immigrant from Pakistan. He was let in the house after handed in post-dated checque valued 3 months rental payment. (2 + 1 basis).

On the date of the checque, the tenant told the agent not to cash the cheque as there is no money in the bank!! The agreement however has not been signed by the tenant.,

I wrote a letter to him to ask him leave the house on a certain date, at the same time to TNB and condo management to cut the electricity and water supply to the house on the mentioned date. A week went by, he still does not want to move out from my house and refused to pay by end of this month, total of 4 months rental payment. (2 + 1 basis plus rental for July). We dont want them anymore as we afraid the same thing will reoccur in the future. The agent had lodged a police report as attached file.

The agent claimed that police cant do anything until this case is brought to court. The problem is, tenant has not signed anything yet ( he is not a legal tenant yet. This problem is due to agent's fault to let them in before consulting us, and before actually receive the money and sign agreement. To make it short, we dont want to blame agent as I AM CURRENTLY IN JAPAN FURTHERING STUDY for 2 years or so). The agent also said that according to the police, I have to lodge the police report myself together with condo management. Only then the police can take action. I have no one to help to look personally onto this matter at the condo. Just relying on this agent.

Is that true that police cant do anything to chase out the illegal tenant??? I have already asked the agent yesterday to make another report at a different police station.

I need your very simple advice to chase out the Pakistani because I have loss incurred as to bear late installment cost to finance company. Is there anything I could claim from the Pakistani for this irresponsible action?

Looking forward to your professional reply.

Terima kasih.

P/S:Any sample of police report that you can share with me?

Note: I will answer the issues in this email thoroughly (hopefully) pertaining legal remedy and proceeding, perhaps also alternative solution on my next post (as per 'coming up topics' post)

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