Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year everybody...

Salam and Hi all,

We would like to wish everybody especially our loyal blog readers A Very Happy New Year! may this year is a good and prosperous year for you.

Thank you for supporting us all the while until now, we look forward to help the public this year. With the new spirit, God willing, we will continue our blog post with new area of legal matters, answering / responding to a lot more email questions and try our best to ease your problems.

Happy New Year!


  1. my dad opens a shophouse and we live upstairs, in the last 3 years - all the next door shops was turned into coffeeshops and have hawkers stall have instead. now they block the service road in front of the shops and even hawkers stalls now try to place their stalls in front of our shop obstructing customers / people going in and out of our shop.

    what are the legal actions we can take against these people? can you pls advise?

  2. hi tH3, they have caused nuisance and trespass into your dad's shop house area. you can take court action against them from continuing doing what they do. but 1st try to get authorities like municipal council advise as well in this matter and report to them for action to be taken against them.