Thursday, October 15, 2009

Email Question


i saw ur blog at this add:

not sure can I ask question 2 u o not here?

i'm a freelancer designer artist, what kind of legal agreement should i make between client and my side?



What kind of legal agreement ?

  1. Nature of business/ service.
  2. Consideration
  3. Your right(s)
  4. Your client right(s)
  5. General provisions.

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  1. Hello,

    I saw your blog recently about the above issue and right now I have an issue similar to it whereby my tenant has not been paying the rent for 3 months. I have tried to contact my tenant but so far she is not answering the calls. When I SMS him, I only get answers occasionally when she feels like it with a lot of excuses. I have given her a month notice to move out through text message from my phone. she has agreed to move out in a months time also through the text message. However, I am not very sure if they are going to move out though. In fact, the tenant has not been in the house for already 3 months and she has actually gone back to east coast.
    In this scenario, can I take action with Distress Proceedings or Eviction Summons is better?

    Hope you can help me on this matter.


    Richard Lim

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your email.
    1. Distress proceeding does not terminate the tenancy itself, it’s only operate to recover the overdue rent while the tenancy is still continuing.
    2. In your situation, i would better (cheaper and time saving) to proceed straight away with eviction order.

  3. Hi,
    I'm a malaysian with a property register under my name. Due to family reasons, I'm considering to convert to Singapore citizenship. Assuming the application is successful,
    1) Will I experience more difficulties in selling the house later as my citizenship status changes?
    2) Will I incur higher transaction costs (higher tax, legal costs, etc) due to citizen status changes?

  4. Dear Kamarul,

    Good day. Currently I join a programme which is electrical engineer development programme offered by a company. In this programme I will be trained by company in one year and company will pay me allowance RM 2.5k only every month.In the offer letter mentioned that after one year that I completed the training programme, the company may consider me for employment and start bond 8 years and after I sign the contract. The company inform me that the training programme should be 4 years and after 4 years only start bond 8 years total 12 years but if I breach the contract I need to pay RM 64k which mentioned in the contract. Then regarding to my personal reason, I just join this programme for 5 months only and not consider as a staff for the company and I quit the programme, the training coordinator told me that I just need to pay the fee for the training course that i have been attend only. Besides that, I not allow to keep the copy of the contract. Another day, the company give me letter want me to pay RM 64k but regarding to training executive the total fee for the training course that I have been attend not more than RM 2k. Do you think the contract still valid becuase I not allow to keep the copy of the contract and what the training coordinator told me is not true. As a result I need to pay total amount RM64k.
    I feel that I have been cheated by the company.


  5. hi sir,

    recently i had problem with rent shop with complex, before having business at there, their director verbally promise us there is no repeated category business in their complex. however, in fact it not like this. at now found out their management try to refuse all previous offer with some tenants. it there the management against tenancy agreement? but all of us having sign the agreement. (pending at management)

    in this situation, can we refuse pay the rental?

    pls advice, ur professional opinion is very helpful to us.

    thank u.

  6. dear mito, parties are bound to their contract. thus, what found in the contract will bind parties. look at clauses incorporated in that contract properly before you can refuse to do so. however, normally tenancy agreement renewal is not mandatory and it is up to the management to accept or not unless there is promises made between parties that tenancy will continue for some period.