Saturday, January 3, 2009

Malaysian Highway Concession Agreement

Utusan Malaysia Online today reported that Concession Agreements for highways in Malaysia between Malaysian Government and Concession Companies could be reviewed by the public at JKR Library's. This is possible after the documents have been made not classified under OSA any longer.

Too bad, it can only be reviewed at the library for a period of 2 hours. I do not have time to review the agreement myself. Anybody has a softcopy of the agreements please email it to me so that I can give my legal opinion.

I think:

  1. This is a very good move done by the government, the agreements and in fact all other agreements entered between the government and private company or any party which 'the effected party' is the Malaysian public at large, must be made public accessible so that the people may read and understand them properly (even complaint if the agreement seriously against public rights).
  2. Malaysian should have a law having the nature of making any information needed by public accessible, like in the US called Freedom of Information.
  3. What is the rational having so secret document while the direct party involve is the Malaysian public? It would bring more harm than good. Unless some party wants to fully benefit out the agreements without allowing the public to even know what are they suppose to pay!
  4. Both religiously and morally right mind of leaders would understand what I mean, if they are honestly representing and taking seriously people's rights.

Once again, I would appreciate if anybody could email me the agreements. Thank you.

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