Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim vs Police = Less Public Convenience


This morning, Anwar Ibrahim is brought to face his 'unnatural sexual conduct' charge in Kuala Lumpur Session court at the Jalan Duta Court Complex.

The complex was full with reporters, and police personnel. The crowd, is not that much of usual, not much either of his supporters gathering or waiting around.

I was there in the court having one contentious matter at a Civil High Court level 4, the same level of Anwar's court.

I observed few things;

  1. The traffic to the complex was jammed, simply because the policemen blocking the complex entrance road. All public including lawyers and public transport (even, the shuttle van) was forced to divert and drop passengers far outside entrance road. (Some lawyers even have to walk to the complex).

  2. in the complex, public seem not to be very anxious to see Anwar Ibrahim, it was the police I think overreacted putting every corners their personnel, even the lift was block, I was luck that I come early to avoid such trouble.

  3. The lift was block and prepared (as though) especially for him to arrive, giving so much trouble for other people especially lawyers, those who has come to the complex will appreciate what I mean.

  4. Why do the police need such 'over reacted' measure just for this one man case.

  5. What would happen if not such 'over reacted' measure taken, would it be chaos? No, I don't think so, I saw for my self, not much public are interested in even be close to scene. I was only the reporters doing their job and the unnecessary police 'action'.

  6. Just leave it! Why you should over reacted for this one man. He is just a human just like everybody else.

  7. My theory: less action from police and media, less havoc he could make. Funny, I remember one movie: 'Merlin' who decides to disregard and forget the evil sorcerer, just to fight her power. I not saying Anwar is evil sorcerer, don't get me wrong. Just about the situation he might 'create' and the counter action taken by police. For God sake just ignore it!

  8. This is not the first time, remember last time the police block all road to parliament saying that Anwar wanted to 'demo' there? The traffic like hell, everybody curse it!

  9. Out of curiosity, I check with few friends (hard core PKR member) and their official website, Well, you know what, they were not plan to have the 'demo' and even warn the public that there will none! So what the **** the police blocking the road for? Not enough by this police action, our Minister busy trying to justify police action and explain in papers and media. Would it be necessary? You explain yourself that much only if (normally in theory) you have done something wrong or unnecessary.

  10. So please, please, cut the crab, just do what is necessary and don't overreact. He is just a man, for whatever he is capable of. Just relax and be rasional.


  1. salam... selamat aidilfitri 2008

  2. Because they are so f**king free..thats all i can say...